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To adapt to the new paradigm, management tools must integrate move from the entity-client “transaction” model embodied by CRMs to an entity-clients-employees-media “interaction” model

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An increasingly complex environment requires ever quicker adaptation!

Our world is undergoing profound structural changes. Multiple crises and technological have profoundly changed economic, political, social or communication models. Communities of people (companies, associations, etc.) must integrate many factors into their management and their communication: internationalization, customization of services, adaptation to generations Y / Z, connectivity, digitalization, the sharing economy, budget reduction, data protection, interactions with social media, etc. In order to adapt to this new scenario, management tools must integrate an increasing number of variables while allowing 360-degree management. In summary, they must move from the entity-client “transaction” model embodied by CRMs to an entity-clients-employees-media “interaction” model which allows entities to better interact with all their stakeholders.

Hexasys is the independent solution
that best meets the needs and issues of communities of people.

Hexasys is a platform allowing the management of interactions between an entity (SME, association, network etc.) and its stakeholders (customers, members, employees, partners, media, etc).It is adaptable to all existing languages, easy integration of external tools and can be resized according to the activity. Very simple to use, it is independent of other systems, highly secure and allows optimum control from its administrators.

Hexasys Network Management

Management of multi-contact networks:

  • Multi-level administration tool
  • Creation and management of profiles
  • Customization of communications
  • Workflow management

Hexasys Site Builder

Multilingual dynamic web platform management that incorporates a micro-site generator and different man­agement systems (advertising spaces, translations online shopping, forms, surveys, etc.)

Hexasys Communication

Management of internal and external communications. Advanced CMS system. Creation of a multilingual communication platform. Newsletter Management. Management of content platforms for the media.

Hexasys Event Management

Information system, communication, registrations and management of meetings with different kind of partici­pants - valid for all types of events.

Hexasys Connect

Instant messaging, a real communication platform integrating news alerts, messages, creating groups, searching for contacts .etc.


Our vision: the solution for independence

Technological trusts monopolize most management and communication software, forcing companies to entrust them with a significant part of their development, thus losing control of their projects and jeopardizing their success. We want to convert Hexasys into a leading and independent alternative that offers businesses (SMEs, self-employed entrepreneurs, associations and groups of people), effective communication and management solutions in a protected environment and at an affordable price.

Imagine, organize, ... build tomorrow!

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